Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the RoboCAP is right for my company?

The RoboCAP is a one of kind liquid filling machine and is manufactured to the highest Canadian standards. The Benefits of the RoboCAP are as follows:

  • cut down labour costs and time
  • increase production output
  • fill multiple lines of products with one machine
  • small footprint
  • efficient small batch production
  • ability to upgrade to larger output production
  • highest quality standards and local service

If your company is interested in any of the benefits, the RoboCAP is a great option for your production manufacturing.

How many different products would I be able to fill with one machine?

The RoboCAP holds up to 100 different programs, which are able to have different filling capabilities and specifications. Thus, providing a company the ability to fill 100 different liquid products.

How would my company learn how to use and program the machine?

Once a customer places an order for a machine, we would program specifically to the customer’s requirements. As well, the RoboCAP is fairly simple to use, however, an instructional package and video is included in the purchase. If further assistance is needed, you would be provided the option to have one of our representatives come to your facility to teach your team.

How do I know if my oils are compatible with the machine?

If your product is a free flowing liquid, there will be no issues with your production. However, if you are working with a more viscous or semi-solid liquid, then a heated hopper would be required to reduce the viscosity of the liquid.

How do I control how much liquid is being filled into my products?

The RoboCAP uses a pneumatic system to regulate the pressure and time needed to dispense the correct amount of product. This can be increased or decreased to accurately fill to the exact volume required.

If my company was to fill capsules, it possible for the oil to leak?

Yes. Any oils that are too thin at room temperature will eventually leak out of the capsule. The leaking will occur where the rim of the capsule cap meets he cap body. This is called the “cut line”. Even oils that do not leak at room temperature may leak if the capsule is exposed to heat after market. For example, if a capsule is left in a car on a hot day the capsule could heat to a point where the oil in the capsule becomes thin enough to leak out. We can also test your product to evaluate potential leakage.

How is leaking prevented?

There are several ways to prevent leaking. One solution is formulating the oil to remain in a solid state at room temperature. To fill the oil into a capsule, the solid formulation can be heated to a fluid viscosity suitable for filling. When the oil is dosed into the capsule at room temperature it returns to a solid state and is unable to leak through the cut-line. However, the filled capsule must be tested under different conditions to ensure stability.

What if machine needs maintenance?

At ATG Pharma, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality machines in the industry. However, in the rare case that issue arises, all our machines come with a two- year warranty on parts and workmanship. We would also gladly send a representative to service the issue.

Is there an option to expand when our production grows?

Yes! This is a main reason why the RoboCAP is so extraordinary. As a customer, you have the ability to upgrade to a higher output production. With a simple addition of a new dispensing valve, you will have the ability to exponentially increase your production output. This means that the RoboCAP has the ability to integrate with your business and cut long term cost down, as you grow.