PTFEN-6X1-NT-100 Product Tubing


Unit price per 10ft


The PTFEN Pneumatic Product Tubing is a food-grade, GMP complaint tubing that connects from the Pressure Vessel directly into the Dispensing Needle Valve / VF Valve or into a manifold located on the side of the RoboCAP with a multiple nozzle set-up.


  • Heat Resistant to 150C
  • Delivers excellent high pressure, heat, corrosion and hydrolysis resistance required for harsh operating environments in many process industries
  • Food-Grade & GMP Compliant
  • Clean with solutions such as, isopropyl or ethanol. Cleaning methods can also include other industry recommended procedures like autoclaving and ultrasonic baths

Made From

Material: PTFEN

Max. Temp: 300F (150C)


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Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions13 × 10 × 4 in