Stainless Steel Cannula Needle Tip


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The Cannula Needle Tip connects into the Luer-Lock Needle Holder on the Dispense Valve Set-Up or directly into the VF Valve for the Volumetric Filling Nozzle set-up.

*If machine has a Dispensing Needle Valve Set up, ensure to also purchase Luer Lock component as Cannula requires a Luer Lock to connect to the rest of the Dispensing Needle Valve assembly

Most common orders are provided with an 18 gauge sizing. Please refer to your order and user manual for the size recommended for your product.


  • Made from Stainless Steel to handle the most harsh and solvent product solutions
  • Clean the nozzle tip with solutions such as, isopropyl or ethanol. Cleaning methods can also include other industry recommended procedures like autoclaving and ultrasonic baths

Made From

Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Max. Temp: 350F (175C)


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Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions13 × 10 × 1 in
Cannula Needle Tip

14Ga 15mm SS Cannula – 12 Pack, 16Ga 13mm SS Cannula – 12 Pack, 18ga 13mm SS Cannula – 12 Pack